Columbus, Ohio-based SpecGrade LED, a leader in next generation industrial LED grow lighting technology, has been accepted by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) to its renowned Qualified Products List, certifying the Verta-8 and Verta-4 grow lights for energy rebate eligibility. This means that SpecGrade LED Grow Lights qualify professional growers to receive valuable utility rebates in their operating jurisdiction when specifying SpecGrade LED lighting fixtures.

These incentives provide financial relief to cultivation companies facing significant start-up costs and overhead in their first year of operation. This certification also offers assurances to the cultivator that his grow light investment has undergone the scrutiny of independent third-party testing. 
In addition, grow lighting fixtures approved by the DLC also allow industrial grow operations to reduce their carbon footprint along with their electricity bill.

The DLC is an independent third-party certification body to which most utilities will commonly refer before awarding its energy rebates. The DLC recently rolled out criteria specific to horticulture, which utilities and legal bodies can use to set energy-efficiency standards and incentives for cultivators. DLC ratings are based on hard data generated by certified third-party testing labs.