The following members were accepted to the IALD between August and October 2019:

CHRISTINA RASCHKO, IALD Escent Lighting Design Spokane, Washington

NEHA SIVAPRASAD, IALD, LC, LEED AP Independent Lighting Consulting, San Francisco

LINDSAY STEFANS, IALD Francis Krahe and Associates, Los Angeles

DA WANG, IALD StudioK1 Irvine, California

IALD Professional membership is available to architectural lighting designers who have at least five years of experience in the field in the role of senior designer or above in an independent consulting practice. IALD members worldwide must meet the highest educational and ethical standards in order to belong to this community and are accepted as Professional members on the strength of their portfolios and recommendations.

For more information about IALD Professional membership, contact the IALD at (312) 527-3677 or email