The new EZ Exit Emergency Lighting Kit turns a T-grid into an illuminated pathway to the nearest exit for new construction or retrofit commercial and specialty applications. An expansion of the HotSpot line, the EZ Exit Lighting Kit is being offered as an add-on to conventional exit.

The T-grid kits are available in 24-inch (FHEZ10A24) and 48-inch (FHEZ17A48) form factors and are designed to fit into any conventional T-grid ceiling. Both LED units are equipped with a HotSpot constant power driver that delivers 90 minutes of emergency power after a 24-hour charge time. The EZ Exit 24-inch unit has 10.7 watts of emergency output, delivering 1,480 lumens, and the 48-inch unit has a 17-watt output in emergency mode with 2,485 lumens.

The EZ Exit units have universal mounting compatible with any type of T-grid fixture and both offer a universal input of 120- 277VAC. They seamlessly fit into any T-Grid ceiling, providing plenty of emergency light in a sleek, hidden design. The units come with an integrated test switch and carry a five-year manufacturer warranty.
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With the hospitality sector’s interest in creating home-like environments, wirelessly controlled products developed for residential use could cross over. Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has partnered with lighting manufacturer USAI Lighting to provide a product that offers balance between color technology, optical design, and performance.

Savant and USAI Lighting will be providing online project design, ordering tools, and other support services for integrators as part of this initiative. Savant’s TrueImage allows users to experience virtual lights in any room from photographs taken and stored on their mobile devices. Users can easily change dimming levels, kelvin temperatures, and WRGB colors from their phone, tablet, Savant touch screens and Pro Remote, as well as Savant Scene access via voice command. The lighting can be programmed to optimize circadian health and overall wellness by delivering the proper color and intensity of light to align correctly with time of day.
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The Linear EXT site and roadway fixture has fully rotatable LED arrays that allow precise placement of light, regardless of the luminaire’s orientation for a flexibility that integrates a fixture’s aesthetics with a site’s optical needs.

Featuring nine distribution patterns, Linear EXT’s PLED Optical Modules are field-rotatable in 90-degree increments and is field-replaceable. In the PLED Module, each LED is individually controlled by a lens that has distribution type and direction of light throw molded into it. House side shielding is available and shields are applied to each LED to control light trespass.

The LED drivers are flush-mounted with electrical housings for maximum heat dissipation. The Linear EXT is available in five models ranging in length from 26 to 55 inches and accommodates LED arrays ranging from 40 to 120 LEDs with standard color temperatures in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. Six voltage types are available from 120 to 480, and dimming control options are offered in HLSW, TPR7, and MS-F211.

The Linear EXT has five standard textured finishes: Black, White, Grey, Dark Bronze, and Green. Custom colors can also be specified. All of the company’s products are manufactured in the USA to ensure consistent quality, ready inventory, and timely shipping.
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., is now offering LED component solutions that have been optimized for horticulture lighting. Its horticulture LED line-up features a newly developed “red LED” package, as well as additions to key existing Samsung “white LED” package and module families to include horticulture lighting specifications.

Samsung’s new horticultural LED – the LH351B Red – is a high-power package providing a wavelength of 660 nanometers (nm) with a photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)* value of 2.15 micromoles per second (μmol/s) (350mA), making it optimal for most types of horticulture lighting. The 660-nm wavelength helps to accelerate the growth of plants including their photosynthesis, as well as enrich the blooming of flowers. The package also features a very low thermal resistance of 2.0 kelvins per watt (K/W), allowing for easier heat dissipation within LED luminaires.
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