If anyone knows the importance of good lighting, it’s Burton Vargas-Chambers. The San Francisco Bay-area resident has worked as a gaffer in the film and television industry for the last two decades, executing lighting plans for major Hollywood productions including The Terminator, The Matrix, Rent, The Incredible Hulk, and 13 Reasons Why.

While shining the light on some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, he witnessed cultural shifts within the industry, including the rise of LED.

Since first appearing on the market, LED lights have improved in color range, lumen output, lifespan, and other performance factors, allowing them to dominate many niche markets from indicator lights and traffic signals to decorative and architectural lighting. Yet despite significant improvements from those early versions, Vargas-Chambers still found subsequent choices lacking in several ways.

As an expert in creating emotion with lighting, he noticed poor quality in color, the inability to dim properly, and the high amount of flicker.

In particular, Vargas-Chambers was concerned about the side effects caused by the stroboscopic effect of the flicker emitted by traditional LED bulbs. People with a higher sensitivity to light can suffer from various health problems such as headaches, migraines, eye strain, and eye discomfort.

“Producing excess, harmful flicker and an inability to dim properly has been two disaster areas for the LED industry,” says Vargas-Chambers, founder & CEO of Burton Lighting, manufacturer of the eponymous bulb.

Dedication and passion for the industry led Vargas-Chambers to create his own LED light source, launching the Neo-Vintage Burton Bulb™ early this year.
“I was unhappy with the products being presented as the standard,” he says. “I knew I could do better.”

“As a lighting designer, I know a thing or two about the industry,” he adds. “It was important to me to not only create a beautiful bulb, but one that was safe for consumers and addressed these important issues.”

Extremely versatile, the Burton Bulb™ crosses over to many applications including theater, film, HD television, commercial, and personal use. It contains 100 light-emitting diode flip-chips on a 130mm flexible substrate that can be bent to mimic various styles of incandescent filaments. Inspired by Thomas Edison’s earliest designs, the bulb upholds the vintage look many people seek, while producing warm, soft light that is not only beautiful to gaze at, “it looks beautiful on film,” he affirms.

Vargas-Chambers’ bulb provides a unique design solution that is approximately 10 times more energy efficient than an incandescent vintage Edison option. It is also reportedly the only vintage LED lightbulb that offers Flickerless LED Technology™.

Much of the recent research on flicker reduction has focused on electronic drivers that utilize pulse width modulation technology to eliminate underlying ripple effects, he notes. In comparison, Vargas-Chambers designed his LED lamp with an integrated circuit in order to provide superior efficiency, reliably, power factor correction, as well as voltage, current, and temperature protection.

“In addition to excess flicker, another major problem of many LED bulbs on the market today is that when they are being dimmed, they lose their color temperature and spike in harsh green and blue hues,” he says.

Thanks to its integrated circuit, the Burton Bulb™ can reportedly hold its warm color temperature at 2200 Kelvin — even when dimmed as low as zero percent.

“As a lighting designer, I know a thing or two about the industry,” he adds. “It was important to me to not only create a beautiful bulb, but one that was safe for consumers and addressed these important issues.”

The Burton Bulb™ is specifically targeted to architectural and residential lighting designers who seek high-quality, dimmable LED light sources that don’t flicker.

“I fully believe the Burton Bulb is the best product currently offered. It’s beautiful, energy-efficient, and ushers in a new era of LED.”


  • 85~265V 3Watt 2200K 50/60HZ,25W Lumen Output
  • IP20 Water-Resistant
  • 100pcs LED flip-chip on 130mm substrate
  • True Color Dimming capabilities
  • Spiral Filament, ST64 outer bulb
  • Cap/Base: 26-27mm ES/E27 Type: Screw in
    Lifespan: 25 Years/3 hours per day
    Dimensions: Length 143mm (5.62 inches) x Depth 64mm (2.51 inches)
    Weight: 43 grams