Atlanta-based Acuity Brands, Inc. – whose brands include Juno®, Lithonia®, Eureka®, American Electric®, Holophane®, and Lucid®, among others – has formed what it calls “a strategic partnership” with Stoneham, Mass.-based CIRCADIAN ZircLight, Inc. to license CIRCADIAN ZircLight’s intellectual property in effort to accelerate commercialization its branded technology through Acuity Brands’ portfolio of indoor luminaires in North America.

CIRCADIAN ZircLight’s focus involves specifications for workplace lighting and has developed specialized Zirc™ LED chips, light engines, control systems, and luminaires to address the need for circadian lighting and its benefits for enhancing human productivity, alertness, and health.

“Circadian lighting supports the natural circadian rhythms of human beings,” says Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior VP/Architectural Lighting Solutions. “Our bodies are tuned to respond to the key circadian signal in natural light which is blue-rich during the day and depleted of blue after sunset. Yet, traditional lighting technologies, including LEDs, were developed to provide energy-efficient lighting with high enough light levels for humans to see well; circadian lighting considerations were not really in the mix. CIRCADIAN ZircLight is addressing this limitation by providing improvements through both patented LED technology and lighting controls to provide lighting that is more in tune with the blue-rich day and blue-depleted night signal of natural light.”

According to Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, CEO of CIRCADIAN ZircLight, “Extensive research over the past 15 years has shown that the spectrum, intensity, and timing of light exposure can impact human health and well-being by either maintaining or disrupting circadian rhythms. For example, not having enough daytime exposure to blue-rich light may impact one’s alertness and productivity. On the other hand, exposure to blue-rich light at night whether through electronics (i.e. TV, mobile phones, tablets) or through lighting can disrupt melatonin production and impact one’s sleep quality.”

Adds Earlywine, “As a market leader in lighting and building management solutions, we are very excited to be working with CIRCADIAN to commercialize circadian lighting technology to support our customers’ growing desire to use lighting that is designed to promote well-being.”