Page 46 - Contract Lighting Magazine February 2019
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 oor of a tri-level roo op restaurant, starburst- shaped pendant lights hang above the bar to produce energetic, yet subdued, streams of light.
One  oor above – on the outdoor terrace at
LH Roo op – there are  re y-like jars sca ered across the brick exterior that light up in the evening just as the city begins its nigh ime to glow.
What type of lighting inspires the team at Simeone Deary Design Group for its projects, and in particular, for LondonHouse Chicago? “The light  xtures must work with – and be re ective
of – the overall design concept,” Tolman remarks. “Each selection must reinforce that design vision. We o en view light  xtures as sculptural pieces of art. Lighting really enriches a space and completes the design story we are trying to tell. We o en create bespoke light  xtures for our clients.
As technology has advanced, such as thinner
A bespoke chandelier, made by Alger-Triton, and a series of antiqued round mirrors form an artistic backdrop for the reception area’s front desk.
LED modules, it has allowed us to do more re ned details in our bespoke  xtures. These solutions really do add to the sculptural forms these light  xtures are becoming.”
As far as in uential design and lighting trends Tolman and her team see in the industry right
now, she points to the aforementioned advances in technology that have been rolled out. She predicts a continuation of much more delicate and sculptural designs coming from manufacturers.
“You see lots of  xtures with thin, metal expressions and a slim LED tucked within the pieces,” she says. “The structure of the lighting  xtures is being more celebrated versus the light source itself.”
LED illumination creatively helps guests with way nding inside the hotel.

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