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Illuminated globes along the bar-top bring a sense
of whimsy and playfulness to the space.
scene emerged in The Diner’s theater-like surroundings, ushered in by integrating saturated multicolor crossfades, signaling the transition of scenes from day to evening.
Patrons could occupy the long circular central bar, join friends and colleagues at tables, or enjoy orange-upholstered Mid-Century Modern lounge chairs around a co ee table placed atop a shag rug. Not surprisingly, burgers, fries, and milkshakes were menu favorites.
Design Consultancy 2×4 created the illuminated typography, graphics, signage, and print materials for the diner, including menus.
Mounted above the elevated central metal display element are representative menu items such as “Shakes” and “Grilled Cheese” expressed in 10"-high neon in a custom-designed font named “American Optimism.”
The illustration, animation, and signage integrated seamlessly into the space to narrate the role of the diner in American culture and hospitality. From a bright pink central area, geographically inspired vigne es made the underground venue lively and dramatic. New York’s iconic luncheone e was presented as a sophisticated monochromatic space. By contrast, it was connected to the design team’s imagery of a Midwest diner featuring co on candy-colored booths and surrounding bright accents. Guests arriving in the West Coast diner in the rear section were treated to a background of plants, found objects, sculptures, indoor-outdoor lounge furniture, and projected images of sunsets as seen on the open road.
Surface Media made The Diner a showcase
of stylish All-American food purveyors. Murray’s Cheeses, a dedicated resource with New York City foodies, provided the main ingredients for the grilled cheese sandwiches.
“It was a cross-generational dining experience to match the design,” Rockwell explains. The Diner was awarded the Salon de Mobile’s Best Engagement Award for 2018.
As the night wears on, this casual dining space generates a nightclub vibe.
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