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the very beginning is that diners – as a consumer market – represent travel and movement
and landscape along with a unique version of ‘permanent impermanence,’” he says, pointing out that the earliest diner structures were prefab buildings si ing on surface foundations. “In Milan, however, our Diner was a temporary build-out in a permanent space,” he adds.
The Diner space is split into four distinct
design aesthetics referencing styles representing di erent parts of the country: the Roadside
Diner, the East Coast Luncheone e, the Midwest Diner, and the West Coast Diner. Gregory and his principal lighting designer, Christine Hope, created layers of light throughout the space.
Globe-shaped lights imparted visual rhythm along the bartop, while illuminating the backdrop behind an arched opening became scenery for a Western-in uenced space.
Gregory and Hope devised their LED-based lighting solution as a warm, welcoming ambiance based on their projected needs of Fair a endees.
“We took into account that they would need a place to relax and recharge during their busy day, and then let loose and celebrate at night,” Hope relates. Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) cooperated by contributing  xtures from the Philips PureStyle, IntelliHue, Powercore products and RGBA color channel lighting systems.
A wash of colored uplight was used to accentuate the rough surfaces of the architectural shell. According to Hope, the  nished space is comprised of more than 10 light layers to achieve the drama that gave the space its personality. “This was no small task considering the amount of international coordination it required in very li le time,” she recounts.
At the central bar, track lighting provides subtle accent illumination along the bartenders’ work area, on the re ective bar-top surface, and on the neon signage. The space was pre-programmed
to establish a business-like lunchtime level
with higher levels of light and white tints to approximate daylight. In the evening, the nightclub

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