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component, we love lighting  xtures that blend
a modern sensibility with subtle, historically referential qualities. Sugarcane DUMBO’s open pendants and column-mounted sphere lamps are a great example of how lighting can meet that aspiration.”
Ruddy and her team have a  nger on the pulse of design spanning several industries including hospitality, residential, educational, cultural, interior, and commercial. Such a deep immersion has given them insights into what’s trending and in demand regarding lighting today.
“We’re seeing a greater interest and focus in the use of lighting to create authentic, experiential, and immersive environments,” she comments.
“It’s something we’ve always sought to explore in our work: How subtle, ambient lighting  xtures can be combined with decorative light sources
to enhance and highlight di erent elements and experiences,” Ruddy notes.
“For example, with our recent U.K. restaurant project – 20 Stories, a roo op location in Manchester – our goal was to create a ‘garden in the sky,’ with a variety of indoor/outdoor se ings. Using integrated custom linear LEDs, we created the main bar as a centerpiece with its dramatic form of a shimmering, illuminated metal and fabric canopy recalling a grand specimen tree. For other spaces in the restaurant, we used lighting to create a warm, ambient glow.”
In addition to 20 Stories, CetraRuddy has a number of interesting projects in the works. The  rm recently completed ARO, a new 62-story, 426-unit luxury rental tower in Manha an featuring a striking glass-and-white metal la ice façade and a unique podium base.
“On the hospitality side, we just opened Bluebird London NYC overlooking Central Park, an exciting restaurant whose design highlights vibrant elements from British art and culture,” Ruddy remarks. “Also in New York, we’re working with Fotogra ska, the Stockholm-based international destination for photography, to restore and convert a historic landmark building into a new cultural destination.”
Contemporary art meets Retro pa erns at Sugarcane DUMBO.

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