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The Pearl  xture’s iridescent surface is composed of two plastic thermoformed “shells,” making it extremely lightweight for its size.
The height of the  xture is adjustable by simply repositioning either half along the suspension cables to reveal more or less of the Pearl’s interior. The upper undulating oyster shell re ects the light down in
a so  and pleasantly di used manner. It is available in three sizes of pendants plus one wall sconce with white light or dichroic rainbow light (both included), to  t any project need.
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ProFlex LED Neon utilizes a  exible silicone housing to provide a greater level of UV protection and weather resistance than standard PVC-based neon. It is speci cally designed for outdoor lighting applications. “ProFlex LED Neon raises the bar in LED neon lighting applications,” states CEO of Environmental Lights Jamison Day. President Jordan Brooks adds, “It is the ideal outdoor neon solution thanks to its durability, UV resistance and low maintenance.” With a run length of up to 15 meters when powered from one end, White ProFlex LED Neon is suited for outlining buildings and architectural features.
It is also available in CCTs of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K. An RGB version with a run length of up to 10 meters when powered from one end is also available. All versions of ProFlex LED Neon utilize dual PCBs, have injection-molded ends, are UL-listed, and available in 5- and 10-meter reels.
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The SMARTrack 48V track system is comprised of a series of intelligent  xtures including spots and pendants. It allows for 0-10v, DALI, or Bluetooth® wireless, is compatible with many control systems, and can be easily commissioned with simple wall switches or app-based control panels. Its minimalistic extruded aluminum pro le o ers a clean, unobtrusive design.
Recessed, surface, and suspension mounting are o ered and an easy click-in blank channel cover eliminates a darkened cavity. Bruck |

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